The Suggestion Box

Got any topics you want to see addressed on this blog? Just comment!


5 responses to “The Suggestion Box

  1. Hello sisters. Please know that there is orthodoxy among some of the Episcopalian clergy spouses. I’m blogging here too:

    Hope to get to know some of you better, here and there. :~)

    I would ask your prayers, as I will pray for you.



  2. presbyteraanonyma

    thank you presbytera Susan….Sorry I have not responded, I have been neglecting this blog badly….


  3. Life has been busy here, too. I hope all has been well with you and yours.

    A new friend this year– a young man raised deep within Ukrainian Orthodoxy– has been a fountain of encouragement to me (his “Pani.”) Please include him in your prayers– John S.



  4. Hello presbytera…I enjoy your new page with matushka Olga of Alaska..I found another saint matushka in a book..His life is on this link …you can read it with google translate…Another Saints presbiteras are Saint Maxima of Singidunum, Saint Tatiana of Beijing with her husband Mithrofan and Holy Hieromartyr Paul and presbytera (Matushka) Joanna..I wish you a blessed new year


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