This page will collect links until I find a better way to display them.

Update July 18, 2010

Procedures on the Death of a Clergyman

Update July 1,2009

Article about Orthodox clergy widows:

Marriage and the Priesthood article

update May 4/09

Book for and about Orthodox clergy wives! I will have to order it, has anyone else read it?,M1

Here is the site of the St. Nonna Sisterhood. It seems not to have been updated in a long time. There is a forum, with a large membership list, but no posts! Does anyone know if the organization is still active? A forum might actually be a better way for us to have communication than a blog like this, if it were used!

one of the few articles about Orthodox clergy wives online, by Matushka Valerie Zahirsky

another article, author unknown:

update Apr 24/09 article I just found on the clergy family by Rev. Vasileios Thermos, M.D., Ph.D

SVOTS spouses program

National Sisterhood of Presvyteres has a “Listening Connection” and other resources for clergy wives of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese:

Antiochian Clergy Wives have a website, which requires members to log in:

I know of some other good sites, but haven’t time to add them all yet.

Please send your suggestions!


2 responses to “Links

  1. Hy matushka…is also a roumanian site about the role of clergy wifes…adress is


  2. presbyteraanonyma

    Thank you, Andreea!


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