To a New Priest and Clergy Wife

This excellent post from Fr. Richard Rene’s Mysterion Blog is titled “Letter to a Newly Ordained Priest”, but he addresses the  letter “Dear Father and Matushka”

I found the following bit of particular significance for clergy wives, and I hope to follow it up with a more detailed post of my own on the topic of friendship here on Presbytera Anonyma:

“In the area of parish life, I am still learning, but there are a few hard lessons that I already know well. First, don’t try to be your parishioners’ friend. My wife and I fell prey to this temptation, and heartbreak was the result. In addition, the people whom we befriended are less committed now than they were, partly because of the hurts incurred in crossing those boundaries. It just doesn’t work. Take it from me.”

read Fr. Richard’s  full post here


3 responses to “To a New Priest and Clergy Wife

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  2. I honestly had never spent much time thinking about clergy wives and their relationships with others until I read the nevel “Desperate Pastors’ Wives” by Ginger Kolbaba and Christy Scannell (the first of a series of three). In it, the four wives of pastors of different Protestant denominations meet monthly with each other because they have no one else to confide it. Great light humor, but the books touch on serious topics. Good reading for anyone (and for the layman, they help you appreciate your pastor’s wife more).


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