Presbytera T-Shirts

….because we’ve all been wanting one, I’m sure!

at the always-fun Cafe Press site.


4 responses to “Presbytera T-Shirts

  1. This made me laugh. I hadn’t realized that the link goes to the Canadian Cafe Press site at first. I like that there are several versions, too, including Khouria, Matushka, and Preoteasa!


    • presbyteraanonyma

      Thanks for commenting, Magda. I didn’t realize that either, it’s just a link that came up in a search for ‘presbytera’.


  2. Presbytera Marlene.

    Hello my name is Presbytera Marlene, I love this site my english is not so good because I don´t speak to much english but I am asking help from somebody to translate it to english.
    I have two children, I live in Honduras,my husband is father George Faraj.
    I would like to be in touch with you and this site.

    Let´s support each other,we need this as wives of priests,and also to be respected. Thank you.


    • presbyteraanonyma

      thank you for dropping by, Pres. Marlene! It is good to hear from clergy wives wherever on God’s earth they are serving!


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