Prevention services for pastors

An interesting post about the usual survey results from the useful Wise Counsel blog:

“Let’s assume that most pastors enter the ministry fit (false assumption!) for the trials and tribulations and spiritually mature. What can a church do to maintain that pastor’s health (and his/her family as well)? We surely don’t give them combat pay. While most get vacation and health benefits, few report getting ongoing discipleship or training beyond the annual preaching conference.”


2 responses to “Prevention services for pastors

  1. Although these statistics are sad, at least we can find comfort in the fact that within Orthodoxy there is a living tradition of spiritual fatherhood so that our priests are (or should be) confessing on a regular basis, keeping a prayer rule and fasting and in these ways they are helped, not only by his own obedience to his spiritual father but also by his prayers. I do not think these statistics would have to apply to our clergy, if they are following the guidelines the Church has set up for them, which has been followed by all our saints for 2000 years.


  2. Presbytera Anonyma

    Thank you Konstantina for commenting. Apologies for not posting your comment sooner, I have been neglecting this blog for a while…..


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