What’s with all these online quizzes?

I don’t mean stuff like the Meyers-Briggs personality tests, or how you score on a test of how healthy your lifestyle is. These may not be perfect, but they have some kind of useful purpose. The questions  on this kind of quiz yield data you can use to make decisions like what kind of career you might be suited for, or if you should start a new exercise program.

And then there are knowledge quizzes– from serious stuff for medical students as they cram for exams, for example, to movie and pop music trivia. The first are obviously useful, and the second are clearly a means of social interaction and getting to know fellow quizzers (or would that be ‘quizzees’?)

I’m talking about all the quizzes that ask “What candy are you?” or “Who is your celebrity match?”  or “What is your pirate name?”(Presbytera Anonyma’s is “Red Prudentilla Bonney”, by the way. Aaarrr. )

Oh, okay…even if most of these are about as accurate as fortune cookies, and less meaningful….. they can be fun……..heh.

I think I am going to have to work out a quiz for “What is your Orthodox clergy wife name?” I’m sure it will find a place on the Onion Dome….


2 responses to “Quizzes

  1. presbyteraanonyma

    my goodness I had forgotten all about this post and am surprised now I started the blog so long ago…..guess I am not all that intrepid! 🙂


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