The toxic refrigerator

Have you ever seen such a perfect parable spring full-grown from the news of the day?

AT&T in San Jose had to be evacuated when an employee attempted to clean rotten food out of a fridge that had been unplugged for who knows how long.

The employee herself had no sense of smell, having undergone surgery for allergies. But the mix of smells from decomposing food and a combination of strong cleaners sickened many of the other employees, and sent some to the hospital. The cleanup required a major effort from the hazmat/firefighters.

The good news is, no-one took any serious lasting harm.

What amazes me is, here was an office full of people working at a company specializing in communications technology, but yet they couldn’t get their act together as a group to keep tabs on the simple cleaning and maintenance of a relatively low-tech piece of equipment.

Now, isn’t this just what happens in the spiritual realms sometimes– both to individuals and to church communities? Amongst a community of  Christian people, nobody takes responsibility for cleaning out the spiritual fridge, and when at last the task can no longer be put off, a miasma of sin and horror floods out on everybody in the area. You may even need outside help to sort out the mess. Whether it’s parishes or the larger church denying and covering up sources of conflict, or whether it’s each of us as individuals avoiding our examination of conscience, the longer we leave stuff to rot out of sight, the worse it will be when we finally attempt a cleanup.

Thank God for confession and accountability!

It’s garbage day tomorrow– better go and get my fridge cleaned out….:-)


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