Screaming Birds in the Yard

This morning with the dawn chorus there was a jay screaming in our yard. In amongst all the bright and cheerful chirping, whistling and warbling, this scene stealer has to scold everyone and let them know he’s there and he’s the coolest. These birds are just bullies. They are gorgeous and flashy and larger than most everything else that comes to the bird feeder, and they swoop in with an unquestioned sense of entitlement.

Ever come across people with a similar approach? Everyone else is just minding their own business, praising the Lord or going about their job, and these individuals come barreling in with their self-centered, bossy and disruptive performance. And what comes out of their mouths is just ugly—harsh, sarcastic, putting everybody in their place, criticism, antagonism. Here’s a long but very useful article about dealing with antagonists in the church. Though Orthodox parishes may be organized differently than the protestant evangelical congregation assumed here, church antagonists, like certain bird species at feeders, act the same wherever they roost.


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