Palm Sunday

Today’s sermon made a point that seemed very striking to me at the time, and which I now cannot remember, after a happy Palm Sunday fish feast with the family. Ah, how the material drives out the spiritual!

Oh, yes– it was that praise is not just something we do– it is EVERYTHING we do. A long pre-Holy Week choir practice this afternoon, that’s praise. Bringing a palm home from church and putting it in the icon corner, that’s praise. Feasting with the family, that’s praise. Running out to the stores first thing tomorrow to buy discounted Easter candy on Western Easter Monday– that’s praise?

🙂  Yes, that’s praise too.

But then what if our praise is not very praise-full? Worrying isn’t too praise-full. Resenting isn’t praise-full. Slothifying isn’t praise-full. I could list other things…but I bet you all have your own lists.

Lent over, Holy Week begun. Still a lot of praise to come!


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