On the Threshold of Holy Week

Dear Sisters,

What a time to start a blog.  But never mind. 🙂

There are not enough resources for the wives of Orthodox priests, deacons and seminarians. And there needs to be a ‘clearing house’ on the internet for such resources as do exist. So here it is!

Sometimes it is lonely for clergy wives. Sometimes there are things you can’t discuss with non-clergy-wife friends. Sometimes you don’t live near to clergy-wife friends– or any friends. This blog is a place for discussing those things. If you wish to comment anonymously here, as you might sometimes feel you need to do, then that is fine– I will just monitor comments to be certain there is nothing that offends against the WordPress terms of service, or in case anything seems to me likely to cause trouble for the poster or others in our communities.  I don’t know– I’m new at this, so some of it will have to be made up as we go along!

All I ask is that anyone taking part in discussions remember that their sisters here, are each made in the image of God. It would not hurt for us to remember that about everyone else, either.

There are a few excellent resources out there, I will add some links. I am taking suggestions now, so let me know! There are lots of more general Orthodox sites and blogs, but I really want to focus on things of special interest to clergy wives, so please send me those kinds of things.

And I have a few ideas in the back of my head for post topics, but it would be better yet to hear what -you- want to see discussed here. I think it would be particularly good to get some questions from the seminarians’ wives and let the experienced presbyteras/khouriyas/matushkas etc. contribute their wisdom. What do you think?


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